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Turbo C Suite

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App Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbo_C
Download: http://vetusware.com/download/Turbo%20C%202.01/?id=3736








 Compiles and links perfectly without any problem and generates .exe correctly. You cant install it, you shoul add the directory to PATH and use tcc [options] file.c 0.21
make.exe Playable It works correctly, reading the makefile. If it doesnt find the Makefile be sure that your Makefile has no extension 0.21

Testing Comments:


If you need some include files you SHOULD have all the compiler files and the exe's on the same folder of the Makefile.

The IDE doesnt works and you cant install it.



Audio Volume 

No needed

Touchpad Mouse (TPM) 

No needed



Suggested .exe-file


Useful comments


Guide to compiling the C code:

First of all we need to create a file called Makefile

Now we open it with notepad.exe(Windows 3.00a)and add this:

tcc -c file.c -o file.obj

tlink -o text.exe file.obj

We need a tcc line by file.


Unzip the file and copy all the contents of Disk1, Disk2 and Disk3 to your project folder.


Custom Control Scheme:


INI Settings 

Additional Notes

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