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Secret Agent

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Game Info: http://www.mobygames.com/game/secret-agent
Download: http://snesorama.us/board/showthread.php?t=46482







Not Working Unsupported INT Calls, can dismiss them; Title screen frozen and possible unsupported opcodes 0.20  
Playable Some Sounds loop and ring forever
Playable Scrolling is jittery, some sounds loop and ring forever
Not Working
Unsupported Opcode upon startup

Testing Comments:


None, whatsoever.  Use the "Good Starting Configuration" on Custom Control Schemes.



Audio Volume 

Sounds tend to loop or ring forever; Turn off the audio.

Touchpad Mouse (TPM) 

Not used.



Suggested .exe-file





Useful comments

  The game is fully completeable from start to finish (completed with version 0.14).

Custom Control Scheme:


INI Settings 

Additional Notes

Works great for most games.

^ = Up Arrow
v = Down Arrow
< = Left Arrow
> = Right Arrow
A = Space
B = Enter
X = Ctrl
Y = Alt
Start = Escape
Select = Enter

User Review:


The D.V.S. corporation is up to something, and its up to Agent 006½ to stop them!

Secret Agent is a platform-action game, in which you are tasked with traversing an island map to infiltrate fortresses, destroy each one's Satellite dish, and then proceed to destroy the main fortress.

The island map has 16 fortresses total; 15 small ones you can complete in any order, and 1 main one that you can only access after destroying the 15 others.  In each fortress, you are tasked with destroying the Satellite dish.  However, several things can hinder your progress; Shark tanks, Laser Grids, Spike traps, Robots, Colored Security doors, and enemy agents.

To dispatch a laser grid, you must find a floppy disk and insert it into a computer, and to open a colored door, you must find the corresponding colored key.  Enemy agents can be dispatched with your gun.

There are 5 different enemy agents.

Dark 006½ - He looks like you, and can shoot

Sentry - Donning blue armor, he walks a bit slower than Dark 006½

Ninja - Can't shoot, but walks very fast

Guard - Walks slow, can't shoot

Janitor - Very Slow, can't shoot

When you shoot an enemy agent, he devolves into the next agent rank below him.  For example, if you shoot a Guard, he becomes a Janitor.  Be careful when shooting the Sentry, because the Ninja moves much faster than he does.

There are also several kinds of Robots, such as Robots who rarely show their face- their weak point.  Some robots also explode into dangerous gas.

After you destroy the Satellite Dish by shooting it three times, you must escape the level.  In order to do this, you have to locate a dynamite pack and blow the door open.

The core gameplay itself is a sidescrolling platformer.  You'll find yourself doing a lot of jumping and backtracking, but thankfully, the levels aren't too big, and each one will take you about 8 minutes to complete.  Be careful though, as the jumping parts can get frustrating, as in narrow hallways, hitting your head decreases your jump distance.


The graphics themselves are nice for an old 16-color game.  They aren't the best you'll ever see, but they get the job done, and everything in the game is recognizable.


The game is short on sounds aside from a few PC-Speaker bleeps and bloops.


All in all, this is a fun Platforming romp, and one that is worth your time.






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