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Instructions For Use

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Installation Instructions


Download the current version, the DSx86.ini and the 4dos.com files from the downloads page at http://dsx86.patrickaalto.com/
In the root of your card create a folder called 'data' and within that a folder called 'dsx86'
Copy the DSx86.nds file to the root of your card
Copy the DSx86.ini and the 4dos.com files to the dsx86 folder you created above
Extract your games into the dsx86 folder (best to use a short folder name without spaces e.g ALIEN, ABREED etc.)


Basic Usage


Use DIR (list directory) and CD (change directory) to browse to your game folder (e.g cd data/dsx86/ALIEN)
Type the name of the .exe to run the game.

Using Commands


LOADFIX - Some games that give a "packed file is corrupt" require this to run.
Usage - LOADFIX <name of exe> eg LOADFIX snooker
VER - Required to run Windows 2.03. Sets the version number of DOS.
Usage - VER 4.00 <name of exe> eg VER 4.00 win
/n - Required to run Dreamweb. It disables sound in Dreamweb to allow it to run.
Usage dreamweb /n  


Advanced Usage

How To Create A Batch File For Easy Game Execution

Thanks to midwinter from the gbadev forums for the batch file example.

@echo off
text|set op=%@trim[%@select[con,0,0,24,47,Select Game:]]

if "%op" == "Test" goto TEST
if "%op" == "Test2" goto TEST2
if "%op" == "None" goto NONE

cd c:\data\dsx86\ALIEN
goto end
cd c:\data\dsx86\tsummon
goto end
@echo Nothing Selected
Batch File

The above is an example of a batch file you can create to make executing your games much easier. It creates a selectable list (as shown in the above image) so there's no need to keep entering commands everytime you want to run your games.

The green section is the list of names that will be shown in your list, in this example Test, Test2 and None.
The blue section tells 4dos which section in the orange section to go to. In this example when Test is selected it goes to TEST in the the orange section and executes the code below it.
The orange section contains the code needed to run the games. In this example when Test is selected it goes to TEST and first executes "cd C:\data\dsx86\ALIEN" which is the folder in which the game is located, then goes to the next line which is "alien" which is the name of the executable file, before finally going to end which closes the batch file and runs the game.

Adding a new game is incredibly easy. Just add new lines into each section (keeping the formatting the same) with what's required for your games. (e.g Dune 2 in the green section making sure None and endtext are always the bottom options, if "%op" == "Dune 2" goto DUNE2 in the yellow section and making sure the None option is always the bottom option and then :DUNE2, cd c:\data\dsx86\DUNE2, dune2, goto end into the orange section making sure the :NONE options are always the bottom option.)

The final batch file should be saved as 4start.bat (or 4start.btm) and should be saved into the same folder as your 4dos.com file. This will then be executed everytime you run DSx86 making game execution much easier every time.

Comments (6)

Hamsandwhich said

at 7:55 pm on Jun 12, 2010

Hi, can we get some batch file examples showing how to set game variables? Such as vga, adlib, etc? Some games like "eye of the beholder" ask me for this information every time I play a game.

The Fifth Horseman said

at 10:49 pm on Jul 7, 2010

Either you need a config file, or you have to specify the settings using command line arguments when running the game. There can be no real examples for that, as the syntax varies from game to game.

Petros said

at 5:12 pm on Jul 26, 2011

Hi How to Put Win 95 on Dsx86? This is possible? Please reply... And Sorry my english is horrible.

The Fifth Horseman said

at 11:25 pm on Jun 8, 2015

Impossible. DSx86 does not support 386 opcodes, minimum CPU for Win 95 is 386, and it also requires more RAM than DSx86 can provide..

Daniël Oosterhuis said

at 5:21 pm on Jun 10, 2015

That comment is nearly 3 years old. I don't think your reply will even be read by Petros.

The DOS dude said

at 8:01 pm on Oct 1, 2016

One can dream :(

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